Racial Expressions

To label Americans falsely as racists
Or bigots will not heal our wounds, folks – let’s face it.
We must confront prejudice where it appears,
So it goes away quickly: in weeks and not years.

Our people are good and they also have virtue;
Some bad apples tossed in perhaps who might hurt you.
But otherwise, we overflow with potential.
I mean, look at me – somehow, I’m presidential!

I’m certain that most of our people are decent;
Specifically, those who applauded when we sent
The National Guard to clean up all that clutter,
And sliced through those crowds like a knife cutting butter.

There might have been tear gas and other things used when
Those protesting peacefully had rights abused. Then
We sent in armed men who were not quite police; they
Were under command of Bill Barr, or so we say.

I’m going to stage a big rally in Tulsa;
I’ll rile up the crowd and will quicken their pulse. A
First pick of Juneteenth, I’ve now learned, a poor choice. This
Shows my disconnect from minority voices.

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