Unoccupied Space

The metrics are right here (I point to my head),
To make a decision: who lives, who drops dead.
Come out from your hiding place under the bed.
This virus, like me, is a genius.

Bill Barr says draconian measures are ending.
Relax social distancing, he’s recommending.
His tone – no surprise here – is quite condescending.
There isn’t a hair’s breadth between us.

I knew this would be a pandemic; I sensed it.
Those billions for small business – slow to dispense it.
Send people to restaurants: the boss can expense it.
Good luck filing for unemployment.

This choice is important, and everyone’s praying
I’ll listen to what all the doctors are saying:
It’s facts, and not hunches, I should be obeying –
And stop acting like I’m clairvoyant.

I keep making claims that we’re winning this war,
Yet I don’t understand what the stockpiles are for.
The economy, I insist, we can restore.
Even allies now question my psyche.

I come to these briefings and sound unrehearsed.
As for now – it still seems like I’m pushing May 1st.
I will hope for the best. You: prepare for the worst.
Will I do the right thing here? Not likely.

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