Inquiry Here?

Now that the Dems have concluded their hearings,
Surely it’s plain to the nation: they’re vicious.
My reputation they’re endlessly smearing:
Clearly, unseating me – that’s what their wish is.

Quite a parade of Deep State-ers and flunkies,
People unknown to me; most Never Trumpers –
No first-hand knowledge existed among these.
Yovanovitch? Now it’s clear why I dumped her.

Fiona Hill denounced “fictional narrative.”
(Not really sure what she meant by that phrasing.)
Nunes and others displayed their imperative:
Cast aside facts. And at that – they’re amazing!

David Holmes claimed that his hearing’s impressive.
Better than mine? Nope – my hearing’s immaculate.
His testimony I thought was transgressive
(Even though Sondland confirmed: largely accurate).

Just one more Witch Hunt – I’ve made that explicit.
Dems won’t admit to the truth: what occurred is
That Ukraine, not Russia, was who was complicit.
Completely unfounded – but that’s what the word is.

I now look forward to trial in the Senate:
Finally, I will be given Due Process.
I just might testify – that’s if and when it
Appears that support for me shrinks to a lot less.

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