A Curse On Biodiversity

I’m weakening the shield that the Endangered Species Act
Provides for plants and animals at peril.
Protections long in place are now soon going to be sacked –
Environmentalists over a barrel.

The burdens placed on industry, all due to regulations
Protecting clams and snails and plants? Calamitous.
The heads of all the oil and gas and mining operations
Support this move with one voice; it’s unanimous.

Big money talks and species walk; they’re pushed into extinction,
Displaced from all the venues they inhabit.
Environmental issues I ignore without distinction;
You can’t pull from your hat some threatened rabbit.

The list of all the changes I am making to this act
Are best described as various and sundry.
I offer this advice for species now under attack:
Get online and launch your very own GoFundMe.

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