Courting Disaster?

A disgraceful situation brought by people who are evil.
Such awful pain and suffering all due to this upheaval.
With many claims outstanding that don’t seem to pass inspection –
You’d almost think what I’m describing here is my election.

Behavior during confirmation bordered on fraternal,
Which you dismissed by penning an op-ed: the Wall Street Journal.
I know you got emotional… but all part of the plan
To blow past your accusers, as directed by McGahn.

We toughed it out together; had to take it to the mat.
But now you’re being sworn in (several times) and not sworn at.
The Soros-funded mob made quite an effort to upend you;
Republicans trashed principles in order to defend you.

A bumpy road to get here, but I’m sure you’ll find your groove.
And all your clerks are going to be women. Hey – nice move!
Those claims of sexual assault all seemed to lack some details;
Besides: why would a predator surround himself with females?

And now that you’re a justice, I put icing on the cake
By claiming each and every accusation was a fake.
Once your innocence was proven, then your judgeship meant to be.
(Didn’t meet a legal standard, but was good enough for me.)

I now rail against the Democrats, subject them to chastising,
As they talk about impeaching you. You sure are polarizing.
But let’s focus on the future and the promises you made;
You’ll protect me from indictment, and then trash Roe versus Wade.

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