Unsung Zero

Our economy’s the envy of all countries in the world –
For which I’m getting insufficient credit.
I just can’t catch a break when there are brickbats being hurled.
Prosperity is here! I just don’t get it.

OK, it’s just one quarter, and the numbers might be skewed
By purchases fulfilled in fear of tariffs.
But think of all the wealth big business CEOs accrued!
Perhaps with all their workers they will share it.

I also met the deadline to connect those kids and parents,
Except for those we labeled as ineligible.
You’ve got to cut some slack for any pairings that went errant
Since some spoke in a language unintelligible.

It may be tough to find yourself within a foreign country
And face a life without your mom or dad.
But that’s the fault of parents – and I’m going to put it bluntly –
Who came here when they shouldn’t. That’s their bad.

You’d think a kid who ran from squalor now would be elated by
The life that looms ahead of them – looks great!
Once they can go to work, they’ll reap the benefits created by
The low Hispanic unemployment rate.

But all I hear and read about is Russia, Russia, Russia…
I told the VFW: “Ignore it.”
I used to trust Mike Cohen with my life, but now he’s such a
Disgusting, lying snitch – all the worse for it.

So I’ll go after Mueller and allude to unnamed “conflicts,”
To try and get his probe to quickly truncate.
The sources he’s relying on all might as well be convicts –
And time will tell if I become their bunkmate.

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