I’ve Got A Migrate Headache

A judge set a deadline, but we couldn’t meet it, to reunite families with children quite young.
We first went to court in the hopes we could beat it, but mostly the challenge is: families far-flung.
Those younger than 5 – it’s like running a daycare. You keep solid records to see who’s connected.
We don’t have the data to get all the way there; attention to detail it seems we neglected.

There’s 3000 children interred in the system. At least, that’s the number we’re going with now.
We had to add more once we saw that we’d missed them. Our numbers were off by a thousand, somehow.
Our records are shoddy; there’s no ID bracelets; we didn’t take pictures of who goes with whom.
We claim that we know everyone in the place but – perhaps that was something we shouldn’t assume.

The A.G., Jeff Sessions, says, “You want asylum? Then get into line at U.S. ports of entry.
We’ll add all your names to the list as we file ‘em. (Unless you’re turned back by a government sentry.)”
Customs and Border Protection is saying they’re handling all claims in a way expeditious.
We claim those who cross at the border are gaming the system, so now we are crushing their wishes.

Don’t come to our country illegally. Come as the others do: on a cruise through the Bahamas.
Acceptance for wealthy comes regally, and those rich kids won’t be stripped from their daddies and mommas.
Surprisingly, I hire migrants to work at my hotels and golf clubs each summertime session,
But we’ll hose you from fire hydrants if you try to sneak in while fleeing from violent oppression.

As long as we stop more from entering, somehow the number of kids on their own will diminish.
Their freedom, for parents surrendering. They can all race to the border; we won’t let them finish.
Our laws and our borders – inviolate. We will come at you quite harshly if you break the law.
Exception? There’s one: my own trial. It sure seems none can touch me (and that’s why I picked Kavanaugh).

Murderers, rapists, drug dealers and gang members – this is the avalanche we’re trying to stop.
Even though we are just fanning the embers through disseminating right-wing agitprop.
We’re taking the sweet smell of freedom away and replacing with something more acrid and pungent.
The Dems don’t agree with our way, so they also will count – on the loss of some Red State incumbents.

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