Let’s Not Put Down a ‘Sick Puppy’

Once more, a man who’s positioned for greatness
Finds himself at the wrong end of a smear.
A man victimized by a woman must hate this –
Needlessly ending his brilliant career.

No coming back from a false allegation.
Some are quite old, and yet some are brand new.
Doesn’t seem fair. Drags you down from your station.
Can’t even come back from one that is true.

Due Process, anyone? Should I remind us?
Do we presume guilt before innocence?
#MeToo is hogwash – it sure doesn’t bind us.
Puts all these blameless men on the defense.

When a man says, “Not me,” then we must believe him
When he proclaims he did not do the act.
Up to the women (who I think just bleed them)
To prove what happened is rooted in fact.

Maybe it happened, and maybe it didn’t.
I know from personal experience
Women who, for many years, have stayed hidden
Suddenly claim some imagined offense.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of ladies!
I’ll send my favorites to be on TV.
There they can brusquely declare, “Go to Hades!”
Speaking about those who don’t believe me.

I respect women; that’s why I’m the POTUS.
Qualities that make them great? Quite a wealth there.
And as I praise them, I hope they won’t notice
How my new budget expunges their health care.

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