Trial Offer

You know the old adage: Once bitten, twice shy.
As far as impeachment goes – I’m not that guy.
I’ve just been impeached on a second occasion,
which stemmed from the Capitol building invasion.

The previous effort, of course, was a hoax;
faint memories it now just barely evokes.
The GOP showed hardly any support;
the Democrats pushed them but came up way short.

But this time, the charges have bred greater passion.
More members of Congress, with faces now ashen,
believe I incited a rogue insurrection –
with ten from my party now choosing defection.

That still leaves a lot of Republicans who
are convinced I was wrong – but unsure what to do.
They offer alternatives, furnish excuses,
use verbal gymnastics to dodge my abuses.

And even McConnell says he’s undecided
regarding his view on what most agree I did.
How long will this bid to adjudicate linger?
‘Til then – I’ll keep giving our nation the finger.

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