Parler Games

There’s rumors I’ve sunk into deep, dark depression
since Twitter yanked my preferred mode of expression.
I’ve also been kicked off Twitch, Snapchat and Stripe since the
riot took place. Also, Facebook and Insta.

Reddit and YouTube and Apple and TikTok
have all taken actions that came as a quick shock.
I find their behavior to be down and dirty
(a shame that I couldn’t nix Section 230).

They say that my tweets and my videos nurtured
the chaos that those adorned in MAGA merch spurred
as into the Capitol building they barged.
So, as an accessory I may be charged.

This leads to debate over Freedom of Speech:
a permissible step, or Big Tech overreach?
Are conservative voices now forced into silence
because of the tech firms unholy alliance?

If my right to post social media ceases
then I must rely on those dumb press releases.
How can I get word out to all my supporters
if all I can do is engage with reporters?

My fight – #StopTheSteal – was still building momentum;
a chance into anarchy we might descend some,
but that is a risk I was willing to seize
even if it brought government down to its knees.

I’m now pushed offline as the right-wing discusses
if this places our freedoms on par with Russia’s.
But speech in the social realm isn’t protected
since it’s not the government trying to reject it.

Our nation risks being destroyed by great tensions,
while I attempt end-runs around these suspensions.
So, as I regress back into adolescence,
please bask in these edicts that force my quiescence.

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