Mike Pence
My job: to bear witness, one way or the other,
regarding the outcome. What should I do, Mother?
Ted Cruz and a dozen-plus Senate promoters
want me to rescind the free will of the voters.
And President Trump says he hopes I’ll come through;
if I don’t, he won’t like me as much. What to do?
My role in all this is that I’ll be presiding
and, just ceremonially, I’ll be guiding
the Congress through taking each state’s votes and counting,
announcing results; then (the pressure starts mounting)
I’ll call for objections – that’s when all hell heck breaks loose.
At that point, Josh Hawley speaks up and he makes use
of his right to challenge, which leads to debating
if Donald Trump’s truly the POTUS-in-waiting.
The end game they’re pushing for breaks with tradition
so boldly, that Caucus is labeled “Sedition.”
I’ve welcomed this effort – however delusional –
but haven’t yet pledged actions unconstitutional.
We’ve long said democracy should be exportable,
but right now that theory appears unsupportable.

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