The Golden Fleecing

Can you help a brother out?
I’d appreciate donations
as I launch another bout
against vote fraud in this nation.

While I claim that I’m collecting
dough to fund a legal onslaught,
I’ll divert to re-electing
me as POTUS, as I’ve long sought.

“Cash” is what you write for “Pay To…”,
on the first line that you fill in.
Your John Hancock is the way you
sign up for recurring billin’.

I’m a little short on scratch,
as I start up my campaign for
2024’s rematch.
(Note to self: secure domain for.)

This appeal might go to shit,
if reviewed by an astute judge,
since the fine print here permits
drawing funds for my own usage.

I appreciate support
from my friends in MAGA Nation,
as I try this last resort
before my forced abdication.


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