Trials And Tabulations

The listing of those who conspire against me
is growing by bounds, also leaps.
The Deep State establishment is what prevents me
from claiming electoral sweeps.
The pollsters are also a part of the faction;
their surveys encourage suppression.
My false allegations I hope will gain traction
and help me avoid a concession.

Let’s start with the Democrats: all of them cheat
by encouraging more and more voting.
They think pushing mail-in ensures my defeat,
but the date on the postmark’s worth noting.
They sometimes send ballots that weren’t even asked for,
which might lead to ballot-box stuffing.
I’ll fight that expansion until my last gasp, or
else claim there’s been fraud – I’m not bluffing.

I’ll next turn attention toward people of science
who try to bombard us with facts.
It’s only my gut on which I place reliance;
against Fauci I’ll launch attacks.
I only like doctors who whisper sweet nothings
and don’t try to challenge my doctrine.
It is what it is when it comes to folks’ sufferings;
the death count – I don’t put much stock in.

It’s said even paranoid people have reason
to fear they are being berated.
If you speak against me, I’ll charge you with treason:
your crime? Making me agitated.
Concede with civility? I’m not inclined;
doesn’t matter how much folks are begging me.
The legacy I plan on leaving behind:
undermining election integrity.

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