Sloppy Second Place

I got more votes than any President in history –
and yet soon I’ll be your President no more.
What happened to my early lead’s a mystery;
now it looks like years I’ll serve are only four.

But while Biden steps upon a stage in Delaware,
making claims he finds his victory convincing,
I keep tweeting that I plan to launch a hella scare –
using words you should not find the least bit mincing.

I’ve made claims that votes were counted that should not have been,
and Joe Biden, as the winner, poses falsely.
I’ve dispatched my team to generate a lot of spin,
since a loss to Sleepy Joe quite clearly galls me.

At a site in Philly, some of my factotums
offered allegations this was some grand caper;
making claims of fraud involving mail-in votes – from
the macadam parking lot of some landscaper.

I’ll keep tweeting my disdain each night before bed,
as I plan to put our nation through the wringer.
So don’t taunt me with your hands above your forehead,
making L’s with your right thumb and index finger.

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