Rally ‘Round The Brag

If I can get over it, anyone can.
So there’s no need to worry – at least, that’s my plan.
You’ll all bounce right back and get into your groove,
as I did (though my treatment is still unapproved).

Ignoring facts – I’ll try to make it appear, though,
your level of worry should be close to zero.
We’re rounding the corner. That’s good news for all!
We’ll come out at full speed, right toward a brick wall.

Though cases are up and have reached all-time highs,
I keep on denying just what that implies.
The text of my stump speech contains a précis
that ignores Covid-19, and lauds GDP.

I’m ahead in the polls (not the ones that are fake).
Still – my future in office is somewhat opaque.
I’ve chosen to disregard health circumstances
while hoping this virus will not kill my chances.

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