The Chill Of The People

I’ve never ridden in a vehicle that’s smaller than a limo;
didn’t realize that waiting for a bus could cost a limb, so
I apologize to all of my supporters who were frozen.
Please remember on November 3rd that I’m the One who’s Chosen.

Who’da thunk it would have snowed before Thanksgiving in Nebraska?
If I ever pay another visit, I’ll be sure to ask a-
bout the forecast and conditions and will cancel if it’s sleeting.
I’ll fly overhead in Air Force One and get right back to tweeting.

But don’t blame me for the climate; it is out of my control –
though I draw on maps with Sharpies in an effort to cajole
precipitation, the humidity, and redirect the jet stream.
Man, if I controlled the heavens, well… that’s basically my wet dream.

Now, this fuck-up with the buses was a major inconvenience,
with a level of incompetence that’s likely not been seen since
I first learned about the virus and decided not to scare you,
underplaying all the risks; completely failing to prepare you.

My apologies if anyone contracted hypothermia
while waiting for the buses to return you to suburbia.
I’m counting on your vote to once again command our nation:
Cast your ballot once you’re discharged from your hospitalization.

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