Debate And Switch

I stood on a stage to match wits in debate;
the first time, enraged – but the second, sedate.
My temperament varied, but this was consistent:
My impulse to lie and distort was persistent.

The virus is something with which we must live
(a statement you may not forget, or forgive).
We’re rounding the corner; clear sailing ahead
(as long as you disregard all of the dead).

There’s 545 children all torn from
the arms of the parents of whom they were born from.
They’re well taken care of, in places so clean
you would almost forget that their plight is obscene.

Joe Biden got money from some Russian widow –
or maybe she gave it to Hunter, his kiddo –
regardless, I’m calling the Bidens corrupt
(as the focus on Covid I try to disrupt).

I don’t have a plan to replace health insurance,
but that doesn’t stop me from my reassurance
that any condition you have pre-existing
is gonna be covered. Details? I’m resisting.

The problem itself any cure can’t be worse than,
so here is what seems like the best risk-averse plan:
Please vote for Joe Biden – although he’s my rival –
since I can’t assure anybody’s survival.

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