Freedom From Scrutiny

Within the First Amendment, there’s Five Freedoms that are listed
(I didn’t even know there were so many that existed).
There’s freedom of assembly, press, religion, speech… one more…
but Amy Coney Barrett drew a blank after those four.

The one that she’d forgotten is, of course, redress of grievance.
(Too bad she wasn’t asked to spout our flag’s Pledge of Allegiance;
when Democrats recite it, they leave this out: “under God”).
The fact this fundamental question stunned her seemed quite odd.

I know the Constitution well; my knowledge is superior.
Compared to me, all so-called legal scholars are inferior.
I know it’s written on some parchment, very fancy-lettered –
and also that it gives me powers practically unfettered.

I know it grants me freedoms, like: whenever I am tweeting,
I have the right to post all sorts of things that are misleading.
It lets me use the White House as a backdrop for campaigning,
and profit from my businesses – yet claim the swamp I’m draining.

Whenever Amy Coney Barrett so far has been asked
if any laws apply to me, most every time she’s passed.
We’ll see what freedoms she restricts for women who, in fact, abort.
Big thanks to Mitch McConnell for his cunning as we’ve stacked the court.

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