Relapse In Judgment

My doctor says I pose no risk of transmission;
for several days I have now been fever-free.
So much for this COVID-19 imposition;
I’m back to insisting there’s vote thievery.

I’ll kiss all the guys and the beautiful women
(but no need to worry – I’ll smooch with no tongue).
With bluff and bravado I’m once again brimmin’
in front of the large mask-less crowds I’m among.

When you are the Prez, can’t be locked in a basement;
you’ve got to get out and take risks time to time.
But now I’m immune and without self-effacement.
My ego’s inflated; my pump’s again primed.

I learned quite a bit from the illness I went through,
yet even while frail, I displayed showmanship. A
miraculous comeback by your President. You
won’t learn the specifics, since I’ve invoked HIPAA.

I’m back out campaigning and sharing my knowledge,
repeating my claims that this plague’s disappearing.
I’ve got the support of some whites with a college
degree; it’s the loss of blue-collar I’m fearing.

There’s three weeks to go and I’m back at full stamina.
(Some are concerned there’s a chance that I’ll relapse.)
Yet I claim it’s Biden that should be examined, a
ridiculous slander. What’s Joe’s response? He laughed.

The polls suggest I am no longer the favorite,
but I won’t accept that, despite what some murmur.
My time in the White House? Perhaps I should savor it –
since odds are increasing I’ll be a one-termer.

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