Get Over Yourself

I am not afraid of Covid – I won’t let it dominate.
And despite 200,000-plus who’ve shared a common fate,
I just keep on making light of all the risks it poses to
our entire population; it’s less lethal than the flu.

While that statement is a falsehood, it is one I’ll keep on making.
(There are those who thought I never caught the virus, and was faking.)
I know there is risk and danger, but I did what must be done –
like approving those precautions that I later chose to shun.

While it isn’t really certain that I’ve come out of the woods,
I have wasted little time to sell you all a bill of goods:
any fear that people feel about this virus I’ve declared void.
(I should not make proclamations while still under sway of steroids.)

I got home and filmed a video and said I felt terrific,
then returned to making claims that have no basis scientific.
Some reports suggest that I was Patient Zero in the White House,
while amongst my many tweets no words of comfort sent to my spouse.

I said we’ve got to live our lives. Makes sense, at least to me –
except, of course, for those who find that they have ceased to be.
Some poor decisions I’ve made since returning to my residence
may elevate my status to the latest of ex-Presidents.

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