Chillin’ While Illin’

While this moment calls for clarity, it comes as no surprise
that my personal physician briefed the press with several lies.
He was contradicted by my Chief of Staff, who went on background.
You can sift through all that’s being said – but nowhere is a fact found.

It’s unclear, despite some statements, just when I was diagnosed.
And were all precautions taken once I was? Sure… well, almost.
As I hustled to New Jersey once I knew I was infected,
did I tell those who I came in contact with? No – as expected.

Placing Amy Coney Barrett on the Court would make it better;
the event where she was introduced became a super-spreader.
Mitch McConnell wants to rush her through and make approval quicker,
but who thought her introduction would have made the Congress sicker?

Now I’m isolated in a fancy suite at Walter Reed.
It’s uncertain how my re-election campaign will proceed.
You’ll recall your favorite President points fingers and he mocks it when
Joe Biden wears a mask – but I’m the one who needed oxygen.

They say I was distressed when I first learned I had the COVID,
since I took hydroxychloroquine, which I had once promoted
as a drug to cure coronavirus. It’s proved ineffective.
Now that I’ve become infected, I’ve obtained a new perspective.

I have filled some gaps in knowledge about COVID that I lacked,
since I went to school – the real kind, where a book is never cracked.
There is some concern regarding my decisions; just how sound are
those I make while sick – like when I took that joy ride in a clown car.

I have plans to fill you in on all I’ve learned while on this journey
(that’s assuming once I leave here I’m not rolled out on a gurney).
I hope for a rapid discharge as a way of flaunting strength:
I just ask you keep your distance, and I’ll keep truth at arm’s length.

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