No Self-Restraint

William Barr
Perhaps you’ve read or heard how I have recently expressed
that lockdowns are a modern form of slavery,
since stay-at-home commandments are a kind of house arrest;
the current situation seems as grave to me.

No question in my mind, of course, that slavery was bad;
just read the history books, where each Black clearly has
restraints bound on their person using chains in which they’re clad.
And while a lockdown’s different, it’s quite nearly as.

Now, if you really think about it – slaves could go outside,
and head to work while hungering for their release. A
stark contrast to lockdown: forced within your house to hide,
while waiting for delivery of your pizza.

Restricting civil liberties? The greatest of intrusions –
unless, of course, you choose to protest peaceably
supporting Black Lives Matter; then your rights are an illusion.
We’ll break up those assemblies most egregiously.

The Black Lives Matter people use dead bodies as mere props,
a number which I clearly underestimate:
I said less than a dozen; last year hundreds killed by cops.
Because I make that blunder, tensions escalate.

I’ve said no room for politics within judiciary,
and yet the actions I take are corrupted.
With Trump – not average citizens – as beneficiary,
no wonder pandemonium’s erupted.

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