Q Do You Think You Are

I don’t know much of QAnon;
I’ve tweeted to a few upon
receiving word they’d won their races.
They like me; I’m in their good graces.

They’ve gained in popularity.
These people don’t like what they see.
They love our country, this I’ve heard –
who cares what they believe’s absurd?

They claim there’s a Satanic cult
comprised of really sick adults,
all pedophiles and cannibals.
No facts here – just intangibles.

They think the world I’m here to save
from people who have misbehaved.
And I’m the one who they believe
can fix it all (they’re quite naïve).

I’d save the whole world if I could –
I’m not sure if that’s bad or good.
If only I can make things right,
perhaps I should. I’ll start tonight.

They love the number seventeen.
They think someone will intervene
when comes the calm before the storm.
Could they mean me? You’re getting warm…

I saw these t-shirts – #WeAreQ –
on my supporters; then I knew
to me they planned to give the credit.
(Facebook banned them, just like Reddit.)

Where we go one, then we go all.
I won’t be one to cast a pall
on this insane conspiracy;
not if it means more votes for me.

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