Scrambled Egghead

Intelligence is beautiful, it’s basic and it’s pure.
So when it comes to voting and ensuring it’s secure,
I’ll draw upon my genius and I’ll use my common sense
to claim that mail-in voting has a fraud risk that’s immense.

There’s a difference between mail-in and what I call absentee,
or at least that’s what I say – but now, in actuality,
they are pretty much the same thing, which most states have implemented.
Any fraud’s all but unheard of; seems it’s something I’ve invented.

My intelligence is also what I’ve called upon when I
say that children are immune from COVID-19. So then – why
are there now several hundred thousand children who’ve been diagnosed?
That’s a trivial percentage, from my observation post.

I’m a very stable genius; I’m the smartest of the smart –
yet I seem to get befuddled when I show someone a chart
using figures that are cherry-picked and on the whole invalid,
and when challenged on the facts can only come back with word salad.

I like to make broad statements, with positions absolute:
The facts are not in evidence; conclusions in dispute.
I’ll offer these remarks despite how far from truth they stray,
and put my true sagacity on national display.

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