Lewis With The Facts

I did not know John Lewis, since I never met the man.
But nobody for Black Americans has done more than
your favorite President. I’m loved by every African-American.
I’m Number One – I’ll drop the mic – that settles it right there and then.

John made a big mistake when he skipped my inauguration.
(And did I mention no one’s done for Blacks more in our nation?)
He worked for civil rights – but so did others in a long list.
My attitude toward Lewis, you might say, is rather jaundiced.

I will not praise John Lewis now. Instead, I’ll air a few gripes,
since when it comes to people, I divide them into two types:
I find a lot impressive; then there’s many not as nearly.
(Whichever group they’re in, I treat them all quite cavalierly.)

John had a lot of energy, but not as much as I do.
I think I’ll leave it up to history – then you can decide who
has done more for all the Black folks; I’ve made quite a strong impression.
Especially with all I’ve done to boost voter suppression.

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