Bad Case Of Loving You

The very highest honor that a doctor can receive:
to be given a white lab coat – at least, that’s what I believe.
If she then is in a video seen on the internet,
any statement she might make must be spectacular, I’d bet.

I saw a group of doctors, who are very well respected,
praise a cure that by the FDA has roundly been rejected.
And although I’ve never met these docs, or studied their credentials,
I believe them when they tout hydroxychloroquine’s potential.

It’s my right to share this information; Twitter can’t forbid me –
Even though if you start taking it, you might give up a kidney.
There’s a bunch of harmful side effects, but none that I endured,
So when I promote this medicine, please take me at my word.

Now, this doctor with the lab coat on: I thought she was impressive.
But the moment I endorsed her, I quite quickly made a mess of
yet another public briefing where my message was confounding,
citing one more fringe opinion I insisted on propounding.

This doctor I applauded has opinions that aren’t mainstream;
let’s just say she and reality may not be on the same team.
She insists that we, as humans, often have sex with a demon,
who will morph into a woman to collect the fellow’s semen.

I’ll deny I’m recommending any post that I’ve retweeted.
And it ought to be illegal how, on Twitter, I’m mistreated.
Seems my focus at these briefings is on me, and not humanity.
Tomorrow’s session: please expect a fresh dose of insanity.

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