Interview Into My Soul

It is what it is and that’s all it can be;
the virus will die out eventually.
Regarding this plague, I’m consumed with a clear sense
I’ll be proven right, whether now or in years hence.

As far as computing per capita deaths,
we count way more people who’ve taken last breaths
than in Europe and China, perhaps South Korea,
who won’t call it COVID if doctors don’t see ya’.

I’ll show you a chart of mortality rate
that confirms we’re the best (truth be told: not so great).
A number of countries were not even listed;
looks better if I claim they never existed.

Remember: most young people heal very quickly.
It’s not right that they get grouped in with the sickly,
so open the schools: if you don’t, we won’t fund them.
Tough luck for those districts who think that we’ve shunned them.

In two to four weeks, I’ll have signed legislation
to take care of all that is troubling our nation:
there’s DACA, and health care; this effort corrects them.
But don’t be surprised when the Congress rejects them.

This looming election will be quite intense.
As far as my plans, I’ll keep you in suspense
whether I will accept it if not enough chose me.
So start prepping now – you may have to depose me.

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