Playing the NASCARd

Hey, Bubba – are you sorry that you galvanized a hoax?
Will you offer an apology to all of us white folks?
It is clear that what you called a noose was nothing but a rope
in a shape admired by racists, or perhaps a misanthrope.

To see the other drivers who came to your aid – appalling.
And removal of that emblem of the South – the flag – was galling.
Those great NASCAR drivers sacrificed their all, only to learn
that a noose and what it stands for isn’t really their concern.

I’ve been criticized for making a big deal about this issue;
how I clearly was mistaken when I tweeted that I wish you
would express regret for something that you didn’t set in motion.
But I never deal with facts – my focus: always self-promotion.

My base includes those people who watch cars race ‘round a track.
No one thinks that they’re all racist – but my angle of attack
was to make the implication that to ban the flag Confederate
would wreck the sport, and not be viewed as something that would better it.

When it comes to race relations, I do not seem to be winning
as I denigrate a sport defined by fast cars that are spinning
‘round an oval, counter-clockwise, on a surface made from blacktop.
It’s a shame that racial animus I’ve made the sport’s new backdrop.

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