Stop Picking On Me

I don’t pay attention to my daily briefing;
I have a short span of attention.
Through a copy of Penthouse I’d rather be leafing
so, sometimes, I miss a key mention.
I gloss over things that I should find compelling (we
ought to make bullet points bolder),
so I didn’t realize someone was telling me:
Russia’s been killing our soldiers.

When this hit the papers and people first learned,
my response was, of course, quite defensive.
Instead of appalled, I appeared unconcerned:
didn’t find Russia’s conduct offensive.
Some top GOPers were briefed before I was;
I’m still in the dark, I am claiming.
The question on everyone’s mind now is: why does
our POTUS side-step Putin-shaming?

My press person says there’s opinions dissenting,
and that’s why nobody had told me.
I’ll latch onto that, in the hope circumventing
the truth means no scandal enfolds me.
I want to bring Russia back to the G8
which, in light of this news, sure seems heinous.
The comeback I’ve offered may not resonate:
I’m a top-notch, Class A ignoramus.

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