A Bunch Of Bad Sports

When I read football comments from Anthony Fauci
It’s clear from my tweets that he made me feel grouchy.
I’m not really certain for what he was wishin’ here –
It’s obvious he’s not the football commissioner.

The NFL’s start will be safe and controlled
Once we get rid of COVID-19’s stranglehold.
Which is already fading, as I keep asserting,
Despite recent increases thought disconcerting.

A few of the Cowboys and Broncos and Texans
Have come down with coronavirus infections.
A guy from the Rams got it way back in April –
Will they all get better? I’m certain that they will.

There’s basketball, football, and soccer, and baseball:
If seasons are canceled, I don’t want to face all
The sports fans whose votes will become unreliable,
Meaning my second term may not be viable.

Sports, I’ve declared, is exempt from pandemic.
(Perhaps it’s just athlete’s foot making all them sick.)
I’m close with the owners; hope they’ve not forsaken me –
But I won’t be watching if any pros take a knee.

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