Redux In A Row

Knock-knock… Who’s there? It’s more Coronavirus!
Surging in states; Arizona is highest.
Increasing numbers of sick folks admitted,
As COVID-19 again is transmitted.

I told the nation: it’s time to reopen
Regardless of whether trends were downward slopin’.
But now, as the people begin reassembling,
Most public health leaders are once again trembling.

Still, I don’t care – I need big crowds to thrill me.
I had a deal with Roy Cooper, until he
Said Charlotte won’t do, so instead: -ville of Jackson.
My thanks, Ron DeSantis, for taking that action.

I put a mask on one time, though reluctant.
So far I’ve stayed virus-free, but my luck can’t
Continue forever, so I took hydroxy.
(I so love confounding my own orthodoxy.)

If there are more hot spots, we won’t close the country;
Those fires will be put out. And let me say bluntly:
The price paid for our economic renewal
Means more will die – not me, but odds increase you will.

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