When Push Comes To Shove

I’ve gone out on a limb here, since I do not think that you’re
Inclined to buy someone so ancient’s a left-wing provocateur.
He is high-up in Antifa, and his cellphone was a scanner,
And he fell down harder than was pushed, in some peculiar manner.

The dude is in his seventies, as I am. That’s the curse of
Rank behavior by us older farts: it still can be subversive.
It’s all there in the video I watched real close, although no
Disingenuous behavior’s seen unless you watch in slow-mo.

Of course, I sent a tweet in which I called him out by name.
But I only speculated; no intent there to defame.
My source was a report shown on a network known to favor me,
Its reputation best described as lurid and unsavory.

Those two cops barely touched him, yet he went down as if sacked.
I think it was a setup, all intended to distract
From the intent police were there for, to prohibit further scuffle – though
It reflected very poorly on the atmosphere in Buffalo.

Important now to dominate, and clamp down on a skirmish.
The officers should be immune from charges – that’s my firm wish.
One gentleman who’s elderly can bring down the whole nation.
Hmm… The irony in that remark requires no explanation.

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