Better To Remain Silent

If George is looking down on us, I hope that he would say
There’s great things again now happening here in the USA.
I believe, from his perspective, he’s receiving great enjoyment
As he witnesses how wrong all were regarding May’s employment.
It’s a great day here for everyone, and also him – at least, when
He became aware arrests were made of all four rogue policemen.

I’ll bet there are a lot of thoughts now running through his head;
There’s so much to celebrate, and take his mind off being dead.
Today’s the greatest comeback in the history of our nation.
(Well, come back is not the phrase to use in George’s situation.)
Some awful unemployment numbers seems we have avoided.
Gee, if only others had the same perspective that George Floyd did.

Although no longer with us, I feel moved now by his spirit.
If he whispers in my ear, I’d swear that I can almost hear it.
He might offer words of wisdom, and for me he’d offer praise.
He’d know all about tear gasses; not the same as pepper sprays.
Peaceful protestors and looters – he’s aware there’s no comparison.
A shame he’s gone, since now he’s my top African-American.

It’s a great day for equality – but, all things being equal,
All the promises I’m making to minorities are treacle.
I’ve compared myself to Lincoln, who proclaimed emancipation.
LBJ passed several bills that were a cause for celebration.
Who abolished segregation in the service? That was Harry.
My approach to those who struggle – best described as… fragmentary.

To invoke the name of George Floyd was another act of violence.
Cruel to put words in his mouth when, for all time, his voice is silenced.
But I couldn’t help myself, because my ego was engorged
Over furloughed workers coming back – and so I uttered, “George.”
Other words that spilled from my lips: “weak,” “control,” and “dominate.”
I’ve done nothing to soothe outrage, but instead keep spewing hate.

When it comes to race relations, it’s quite clear I have my limits.
So don’t hold your breath for change, or – worse – stop breathing for nine minutes.

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