Tribal Study

I’m your law and order President, an ally of the peaceful.
But I’m telling you right now – if you do not desist and cease, you’ll
Find I don’t see much distinction between protester and vandal.
I’ll come down on you with fury that you’re not equipped to handle.

Two nights ago they threw me in a bunker to protect me
From a mob made up of people who did not vote to elect me.
The media got wind of this; I don’t like looking weak, so
I grabbed Bill Barr and Meadows and said, “Let’s put on a freak show.”

Whenever people go to church, they tend to step inside.
When I mention that I want to go, the same rules aren’t applied:
So I staged a photo op to show the public how the fear’s passed –
And I cleared the way by having peaceful protesters all tear-gassed.

I stood in front of St. John’s Church and sternly held the Good Book.
While I didn’t have too much to say, I thought that’s how I should look.
Some misunderstood my message – all I meant was “Love thy neighbor.”
So I think I got my point across, with very little labor.

I am calling out Antifa – it’s a group that’s from the left-wing –
They are causing all the violence. I will not be suggesting
That there’s any white supremacists involved in this upheaval.
Only good folks on the MAGA side; the rest are clearly evil.

I am threatening with soldiers ‘til this violence is quelled.
I got on a call with governors, and at them all I yelled:
It is time for them to dominate, since most of them look weak.
When inspiring words are called for, I prefer to keep mine bleak.

I’ve got vicious dogs and weapons that are ominous to wield.
I’ll protect your right to guns, both open-carry and concealed.
I don’t care for calm and reasoned; that’s a style at which I scoff. It’s
Why when I say “end it now” – folks pray that means my term in office.

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