Warped Screed

Vaccine or no – I would like to make clear:
We’ll be back in a big way by end of this year.
Economy booming, and kids will get schooling.
The virus will be all but gone – I’m not fooling.

At speeds that exceed more than one or two warps
In a few months, the odds that you’ll end up a corpse
Due to COVID-19 will be greatly reduced,
As drugs not yet discovered will be introduced.

To tell you the truth, I don’t think we require
A vaccine, since this virus is sure to expire
On its own, as do problems in so many cases;
They just go away. (Wipe that look off your faces.)

I’m ready to move on, so let’s change the topic;
I’m tired of discussing affairs microscopic.
I want to get back to the big and bold, so
I’ve launched new attacks on Obama, an old foe.

I want to return to the road, for campaigning,
Portraying myself as a victim, complaining
I haven’t received all the credit that’s due me.
Or why ninety-thou dead is thought of as gloomy.

I claim that the country’s completely behind me,
And everyone’s fed up with being confined. We
Must open our country, without hesitation:
Crowds won’t be as bad with a thinned population.

I’ve offered a host of rose-colored predictions.
I’ve swaddled the nation in comforting fictions.
Essentially, I’ve said the impact is finished:
More proof – if you need it – my thinking’s diminished.

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