Barbarian At The Obamagate

Though 80,000-plus are dead
Let’s look behind, and not ahead.
A new diversion to create:
I’m calling it “Obamagate.”

Obamagate – a vicious crime.
But ask me what it is, and I’m
Quite vague and say I’m sure you know
What happened several years ago.

I’m turning this into a hashtag.
Threw your playbook in the trash bag.
All plans left for me: discarded.
Better that from scratch I started.

COVID-19’s far from ending,
Yet “Obamagate” is trending.
When my method’s thought ad hoc
I pivot – and then blame Barack.

Obama used the word “chaotic.”
Mitch found that unpatriotic,
Said he should have kept his mouth shut;
Called him classless. OK – now what?

As victim I portray myself;
Not focused much upon your health.
My choice: to ably assess, or
Criticize my predecessor.

Aspersions toward Barack: relentless.
His fault we could not prevent this.
Know what else, Barack Hussein?
Your poise and smarts drive me insane.

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