Nothing Phases Me

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and here’s what I’ve decided:
Instead of me – you call the shots (and do so in three phases).
In this case, we’ve got fifty States that won’t proceed United,
For guidance: here’s a PowerPoint of barely eighteen pages.

Phase One: encourage telework, but bring in some employees.
OK to open restaurants – but bars remain verboten.
Can’t send your kids to school yet. Common areas: avoid these.
All based on testing you’ll set up your own self, it’s worth notin’.

Phase Two: resume work travel, even if it’s non-essential,
And bars can start to serve again – but no more karaoke.
The kids return to school, where they can work to their potential,
And inmates who were sprung will have to go back in the pokey.

Phase Three: return to normal – if, when saying “normal,” it’s meant
That we still will practice distancing, but stand a little closer.
Life as it was before will be the same thing, only different.
This all in hopes my re-election rallies will be kosher.

I think some states can open right away, but, as for others,
It might be months, or even years, before they can re-open.
I’d drop all these restrictions, quickly, if I had my druthers:
But if this lets me sidestep blame – I second that emotion.

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