A-Polling Behavior

I’ve come out against letting folks vote by mail.
As the kids used to say online: it’s (hashtag) FAIL.
I think mail-in voting is horrible, frankly.
For screwing with your right to vote – you can thank me.

I don’t have a problem with absentee ballots;
It’s good for our seniors’, and others’, morale. It’s
Convenient for soldiers, and those with excuses.
But let everyone? That will lead to abuses.

Such fraud’s nonexistent; so say all the studies
(Each one overseen by left-wing fuddy-duddies).
Allowing more people to vote, with convenience,
Will lead to mass GOP loss – that’s my keen sense.

“Let’s make voting easier!” I disagree.
(Of course, the last ballot I cast? Absentee.)
What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.
(And bad for conservative goals – in all candor.)

My problem with mail-in: I find the control lax.
Let’s force use of Voter ID (the new poll tax):
Simple – for those for whom I self-aggrandize.
For those who oppose me? One word: disenfranchise.

After the havoc we saw in Wisconsin –
Now, mail-in voting? Seems everyone wants in.
If we make it easy to vote, and not tougher –
It’s my re-election prospects that will suffer.

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