Caught In The Fact

Don’t quote my words right back at me;
We all know what I said.
You’ll just confuse with facts, you see,
Or claim that I misled.

When I told people, “Let’s be calm,”
I meant to be a man whose
Sole intention was to spread balm,
And distract from all the bad news.

Looks like you may have a question –
Please just go ahead and ask it.
Hear me ramble – ‘til the next one
Is: “Will we run out of caskets?”

I could cause a massive panic,
But I really shouldn’t do that.
My behavior’s way past manic –
I thought everybody knew that.

I find some folks’ comments snarky;
They should say, “Congratulations!”
I am sick of their malarkey;
Canceled all their publications.

Do you know the population
Of that South Korean city?
Here’s my gross approximation –
Inexact we’ve seen that it be.

After launching with a slow start,
It should now be clear we’re mapping a
Response. But for the most part
We’re still way behind, per capita.

If my effort had been zero,
Deaths would have been astronomical.
My push here makes me a hero.
(That position’s almost comical.)

You’re not being patriotic
When you say that I am lying.
My behavior is despotic;
Victims here: those who are dying.

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