Hop To It

If we go into recession, there will be mass suicide:
That’s my argument against what happens if I threw aside
The strict protections all the doctors clamored were quite necessary.
Loss of business, loss of life – with either choice, the stresses vary.

I would love to see our country opened up again by Easter.
All the churches overflowing; that would thrill your parish priest, or
All the restaurants welcoming the chance to serve you Sunday brunch.
(Keep your fingers crossed no virus will be spread within that bunch.)

When I said in weeks, not months – oy! Such a field day the press had.
All I’m trying to do is make this situation much, much less bad.
I’m a smart guy so I know what’s best, more than the public health types.
(But don’t say a word to Fauci, since he’s got a glare that melts ice.)

There are people who believe in me whenever I assure them
We already have a drug on hand I know for sure will cure them.
If you wish to ingest chloroquine, that’s fine with me – just wish you’d
Patronize the local pharmacy, instead of eating fish food.

There’s a fellow down in Texas (I believe his name’s Dan Patrick)
Who says let the seniors die to save the young, who don’t get that sick.
Lay their lives down if that mitigates the risk to the economy –
Since, one day soon, it’s clear that six feet under they’re all gonna be.

Only two things are for certain: one is taxes, one is death.
Inescapable that, someday, each of us takes one last breath.
The fatalities – whichever way we go – more than expected,
Since some folks may choose to kill themselves if I am re-elected.

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