Address Reversal

I spoke to the nation, my affect lugubrious,
And laid out my plans – but their impact is dubious.
In less than ten minutes, confusion I stirred up
By saying I’d shut down all travel from Europe.

There’s no question here; this address was perfection –
Outside of some statements requiring correction:
I said all of Europe when I just meant most,
And misstated co-pays for those diagnosed.

The origin of this disease I called “foreign.”
(Boy – Sanders got screwed by Elizabeth Warren!)
Compared to the EU, dramatically fewer
Confirmed cases here. Of course, our outbreak’s newer.

Some called me a racist when I wouldn’t let
Chinese visitors in. Who said that? I forget.
Now, more travel restrictions I plan on requesting
(Which doesn’t address what’s gone wrong with our testing).

We’re in this together, and so we must unify –
But work with Pelosi? Good God, I would sooner die.
The moment I woke up the next day, I started in
And tweeted attacks that most surely were partisan.

The day after my speech, it soon became so clear
The market’s rejected what I have proposed here.
Two times in just one week Wall Street halted trading…
The prospects for my re-election are fading.

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