Grenell And Bear It

It’s Hoax Number Seven (I’ve been keeping close tabs);
Another campaign filled with misinformation.
It’s almost as false as if I claimed six-pack abs;
Once more, it’s a Democrat hallucination.

I’m tired of hearing so much about Putin,
And how Democrats think that man can control me.
These charges of meddling I’ll keep on refutin’;
I know for a fact they’re not true, since he told me.

When Joseph Maguire (now the former Director)
Discussed his employee and said he was certain she
Was right about Russia, and tried to protect her:
I had Joe replaced with my envoy to Germany.

I love Ric Grenell; he deserves this ascension –
So what if he lacks any qualifications?
He’s there to clean house and get rid of dissention,
And shut down these ongoing investigations.

Since I was acquitted by those in the Senate,
I’ve launched a campaign to get rid of all discontents.
I’m certain no one is surprised that again it
Proves I value fealty over intelligence.

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