We, The Undermined

(William Barr)
I told the Prez to can the tweeting;
Number one among my wishes. He
Might prevent me from completing
All my meddling surreptitiously.

Stone and Flynn and Giuliani –
Suddenly, I’m in the middle of
Interfering, whereupon we
Hope to wrangle the acquittals of.

Former DOJ employees
Say I should resign (implausible).
My intrusion sure annoyed these
Signatories (there’s a closetful).

Any more investigations
Into candidates I must approve.
I’ll decide which accusations
Are concealed – and which will bust a move.

I’m the U.S. nation’s top cop;
DOJ’s the home of lawfulness.
Now I run it like a chop shop:
Under my reign – it’s an awful mess.

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