Crazed and Abused

On the day after I was totally acquitted,
I went on television, whereupon I shitted
All over every single person who had ever
Played any role in this impeachment hoax endeavor.

I spent an hour, maybe more, within the East Room,
Where I went after people, at the very least whom
Put me and all my family members through a rotten deal –
Most very evil, some corrupt – with misbegotten zeal.

Now, it may have shocked a few when I admitted
I’ve done some things wrong in my life (details omitted).
As far as this impeachment hoax goes: I did nothing wrong,
And it is clear I’m sick and tired of all the Dems’ sing-song.

First it was, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” It was all bullshit.
(That word might not have made the evening news, since they’d pull it.)
I should have been exonerated in a couple days…
If only they’d let Devin Nunes have his supple ways.

And by the way, Hillary Clinton and the DNC
Paid several millions for a dossier, where we then see
Although they thought my campaign push this would exterminate,
They never found the tape where some claim hookers urinate.

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman and his brother look alike;
I wish the two of them, together, had both took a hike.
I called the two of them “amazing” – but sarcastically –
They claimed the transcript of my call was altered drastically.

As I insulted and belittled many, many more,
It was quite clear: in for a pound, once in a penny for.
And as I vented and I fumed and clearly came unhinged,
Of all the people in attendance – none were shamed, or cringed.

It should be clear now, with emotions this acute
I suffer from the kind of complex known as “persecute.”
So comes the time now to decide if it is viable
To re-elect someone whose crazy’s undeniable.

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