A Sparce Farce

A crime is not a crime if I’m
Accused of perpetrating.
I can’t transgress the law, I guess.
I think that bears restating:
A misdemeanor’s not been seen, nor
High crime been committed.
My friend – it seems the Senate
Won’t remove; I’ll be acquitted.

What has Mitch done? Well, he’s the one
Who clearly orchestrated
Removing all the Senate’s balls.
The GOP: castrated.
Said Dershowitz, from where he sits:
“If in the public interest,
Then it’s a ‘no’ for quid pro quo.”
My ass again has been kissed.

Seems Mitt and Susan’s side is losin’ –
Dumped by Alexander,
Treated lousy by Murkowski.
She said, in all candor:
“The trial – a fraud, both rushed and flawed.
The process was quite partisan.
Permit us one more witness?
It’s not something that my heart is in.”

This turned out great; looks like I’ll skate
And sidestep any discipline.
Unfettered, I’m a better guy;
Unbound by any risk of sin.
And even while some say that I’ll
Feel free to sanction greater crimes,
I will not pause to break more laws –
And prove what a dictator I’m.

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