Sitting On Defense

Despite the news of Bolton’s book, my excellent defense team
Pushed forward with their task: to trash the Democrat’s immense scheme.
They made it clear there’s been no testimony that exists where
A quid pro quo’s been proven (although Bolton could assist there).

Two of my attorneys made the argument – a tad late –
The prior occupants deserved impeachment (such a sad fate).
A single, teeny flaw kept this polemic short of flawless:
It seems that neither Biden nor Barack are still in office.

I added Ken Starr to my team – that touch a bit ironic:
His fame derived from finding Clinton’s fling was not platonic.
But now? Starr’s message, loud and clear: impeachment can be risky.
He felt a little different back when Clinton acted frisky.

And Rudy Giuliani? Just a colorful distraction;
Discussion of his role here isn’t worthy of protraction.
In this moment: minor player, shiny object — that’s all he’s a,
So let’s ignore his role in launching probes into Burisma.

A couple of the Senators on my side of the aisle
Have indicated maybe this should go on for awhile.
But deep support for witnesses has not found a majority –
I’ll keep my fingers crossed the quest for truth’s not their priority.

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