Swiss Tease

I’m in Davos, Switzerland.
Back home, shit now hits the fan.
Perfect call I’m being tried for;
Hoping no one finds I’ve lied more.

Speedy trial? Let’s make it so.
Truth? We must forsake it, though.
Evidence and witness-calling
Stiff-armed through the votes we’re stalling.

Mitch McConnell and his puppets
Claim that I am not corrupt. It’s
Their plan to hold Dems at bay while
Trying to conduct a fey trial.

Meanwhile, over where the ice is,
I reject the climate crisis.
Warnings of disaster: gloomy.
I love fossil fuels – so sue me.

Our economy is booming
While impeachment trial is looming.
If the Senate won’t take care of me,
Say goodbye to your prosperity.

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