Parnas For The Course, or Who’s Got Lev-erage?

Lev Parnas gave some interviews – he’s clearly what a loon is.
But funny how he jogged the memory of Devin Nunes.
Devin says their dialogue was “very odd and random,”
And firm in his denials they did anything in tandem.

Parnas said his efforts had involved a Nunes staffer,
So found it quite surprising at the hearings held thereafter
With the congressman decrying what he called the “Russia hoax.”
Seems Devin knew a lot more than he let on to most folks.

Parnas threw a lot of people under moving bus wheels:
Giuliani, William Barr, Mike Pence: glad to discuss deals
Where Ukraine would dig up dirt regarding Biden and son Hunter.
Parnas said I gave consent; he couldn’t have been blunter.

I’ve made the case repeatedly that I’ve done nothing wrong here,
And any facts uncovered this late clearly don’t belong here.
Another Con Job by the Democrats, who all do nothing –
Except request cooperation, which I’ve been rebuffing.

Anyway, I mention all of this news just in passing:
The whole thing’s now in Mitch’s hands; I’m sure he’ll be half-assing
This impeachment trial by stonewalling, sidestepping and deflecting
All attempts to find the truth out – just as you have been suspecting.

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