Stigma Enigma

Impeachment: attached to my name as a stigma,
So now I’ll start pushing for outright dismissal.
(I bet Shifty Schiff’s neck would snap like a twig.) The
Mere thought of this stain makes my orange neck hair bristle.

I’ve done NOTHING wrong; there’s no crime – read the transcripts.
The Democrats hate me; I’ll never appease them.
For weeks Crazy Nancy has kept both her hands gripped
Around those two articles; wouldn’t release them.

I’ve loudly complained that this trial should move forward,
Since I have been robbed of my right to due process.
But now I’m asserting there’s clamor from more heard
Who say: dismiss outright and sidestep this hot mess.

And what now to make of John Bolton’s disclosure?
He’s willing to testify – if Senate summons.
The people who want to depose him are so sure
He’ll swear my approach to Ukraine had shortcomin’s.

I’ll spend this whole week trying to stir up dissension,
And claim I don’t see what the point of this business is.
Keep upon me every bit of attention –
And pray Susan Collins stops pushing for witnesses.

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