Impasse Interference

Pelosi and Mitch at a bit of a stalemate,
And Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is caught in the middle.
Just one more Dem roadblock for me to travail; wait
And see if the Senate still plans on acquittal.

While Nancy complains that the rules are uncertain,
McConnell has called her position “absurd.”
Until one side gives, we cannot close the curtain;
The trial in the Senate will now be deferred.

McConnell says, “Same rules as when we tried Clinton,
And back then we had a unanimous vote.”
So far, toward decision nobody is sprintin’,
And prospects for ending this standoff’s remote.

I’ve stated I want a quick trial in the Senate,
Ensuring that my reputation is cleared.
But if Chuck and Nancy hold out longer, then it
May not have the outcome that Mitch engineered.

The stumbling block? Witnesses, access to email,
A long list of documents Chuck wants to see.
While Nancy Pelosi’s my least-favorite female,
I also think Schumer is out to screw me.

This act of withholding has turned long and prickly;
I claim that the state of our nation has suffered.
So don’t let this languish, let’s get it done quickly:
Ensuring more facts of my crimes aren’t discovered.

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